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      As he sat upon his horse and gazed round him, he thought of his past life and all its follies. What was human ambition and all its vexing vanities worth in this vast solitude? He thought of Esmeralda, and his heart ached for his wife as only a strong mans can ache. If she were only by his side now, to share with him the mystic beauty of this scene, the solitude would then be transformed to a paradise like to that in which our forefather and foremother moved and loved.

      "Yes," he replied, "we shall certainly engage the enemy's ships to-morrow, and you ladies must--"

      "Leave the room!"Anna kissed her temples, one in pity, the other in joy: "No, dear, he's not--Adolphe Irby is not."

      I agree, he said. Im quite willing that you should shoot me now and here, Mr. Howard, if it would help to set matters straight and restore Esmeralda to her husband and happiness. Take me to her.

      "Why not? Why shouldn't a--" The word hung back.Esmeralda! he exclaimed, half unconsciously.


      "You know, Flora, don't you," asked Miranda, "that the battery's ordered away across to Tennessee?"



      The marchioness? I wish to see her.